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   The head of Tuva Sholban Kara-ool assured the countrymen that the project “Kushtah for a young family” will continue. He said this after summing up the results of the project in 2019. At the same time, in his opinion, the Ministry of agriculture and food should think about how to transfer it to a qualitatively new level.   В Туве подвели итоги губернаторского проекта «Кыштаг для молодой семьи»
The project was launched in 2016. The Republic handed over 200 sheep to its first participants, who were selected at village gatherings, and helped to set up a camp - to build a house for a farmer's family and a shed for animals. The family was assigned farmland, including pastures. The main condition of the contract is to increase the number of sheep in two years and transfer the same number of sheep to the next participants. When it is completed, the remaining livestock, as well as the estate, become the property of the farmer.
   A total of 416 young families were selected to participate in the project from 2016 to 2019 at citizen gatherings.
“As a result of the project for 4 years, our expectations were fully met. With a few exceptions almost all participants in the first wave have now become independent farmers! Today, many people's livestock has doubled. Only during the last winter, all 416 farms received and preserved a total of about 37 thousand lambs. These farms are already full-fledged market participants. They produced 133.7 million rubles worth of products, including meat, milk and wool. Of course, we will continue the project further, since the demand for it among the villagers is still significant. The total investment portfolio has reached almost half a billion rubles, and 7 % of them are investments by livestock farmers themselves. Now various business structures have begun to show interest in farms. Someone is equipping farms with Autonomous solar-powered lighting. Others are drilling water intake wells”, the Head of Tuva shared his impressions of the project results in social networks.
  The Ministry of agriculture of the Republic marked the most successful areas, where the farms prevented mortality and increased livestock numbers. In addition, a number of districts have supplemented the project with their own initiatives.  
The head of the Republic recommended to actively involve individual entrepreneurs in providing services within the project. In addition, he instructed the heads of administrations to take special control over the provision of land to project participants – they should get the best.
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