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   The III republican championship on dressing and artistic processing of sheep and goat skins will start in Buryatia on December 16. This time, the championship will be held in an unusual format: experts will give an assessment of the works in closed mode, and the beauty of sheepskin and products made from it will be able to evaluate the audience on the baikalfolk website.Russian Federation.
In Buryatia starts the championship on dressing of sheep and goat skinsВ Бурятии стартует чемпионат по выделке овечьей и козьей шкур
   Masters from all over the republic sent their works to the contest. The championship will be held in two directions: a competition of masters in the manufacture of hides and a competition of masters in the manufacture of traditional Buryat clothing from sheep skin.
- Traditionally, hand-made skins will be presented. Each master adheres to his own technology, it depends not only on the softness and purity of the skin, but also on its color. From the snow-white skin can be made yellow or light brown without the use of coloring agents. The skins of lambs are not accepted for the competition, as the evaluation criteria are different compared to the skins of adults, - the press service of the Republican Center for Folk Art reports.
   A video was shot as part of the event. The main character was Valery Mironov, a participant and winner of the past championships. Valery works in the workshop at the Ivolginsky datsan. He told and clearly showed the process of dressing, creating a large and warm "cloud", from which in the future you can get a warm hat, mittens or something else.
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