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    By 2024, the company "Burton" plans to build a goat farm in the Tambov region with a processing complex for the production of milk, dairy products and meat. The project capacity will be 25 thousand tons of goat milk and 60 tons of meat per year, and the company plans to sell more than 5 thousand goats annually. Investments in the project will amount to 4.5 billion rubles. According to Alexey Gruzdev, Managing partner of Streda Consulting, this is the largest such project in Russia, but there are big doubts about the possibilities of its implementation.

Gruzdev said that one goat gives about 1 thousand tons of milk per year, respectively, on the farm should be 25 thousand heads of animals. In terms of capacity, the project will be larger than the current market leader — Lukoz. "It is difficult to say anything about the sales of goat meat. I doubt that this trend in Russia is well formed, we are just beginning to develop the lamb market. Although goat meat has its advantages, how the end user will react to it is a question, " the expert says.

According to Gruzdev, 25 thousand tons of milk per year is a lot, perhaps even too much. Today, goat's milk products are presented in two large categories. The first is milk and fermented milk products, primarily yoghurts, which are positioned as hypoallergenic for children. This market is not empty, there are many different small companies with a population of 1-2 thousand animals. The second category is cheeses, which are also represented by various cheese factories.

   According to him, thanks to state support for projects for the production of baby food, "you can dream up" about the possibilities of drying goat's milk. "On such a scale, drying is a normal project. Then there are two options: either export milk powder to developed countries and make baby food from it, or try to organize the production of baby food (dry milk mixtures).  

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