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The Ministry of Agriculture and Food of Tuva is selecting participants in the governor's project "Kyshtag" for 2021.Минсельхозпрод Тувы: идет отбор участников губернаторского проекта «Кыштаг» на 2021 год
"All social projects that started in 2015 and give good results will be continued. One of the most successful is "Kyshtag for a young family. Now I want to announce that from 2021 the project will be called briefly "Cystal". Participants of the project can be not only young families up to 35 years old with two children, but also unemployed villagers from 36 to 55 years old, to whom the villagers will express their trust, " the head of the republic Sholban Kara-ool announced in the Annual message to the Supreme Hural for 2021.Ministry of Agriculture and Food of Tuva: selection of participants of the governor's project "Kyshtag" for 2021 is underway.
In order to fulfill the instructions of the Head of the Republic of Tyva, citizens ' gatherings were held in 17 municipalities of the republic, according to the results of which 84 families were selected to participate in the project, that is, at the current time, the plan was completed by 80%, according to the Republican Ministry of Agriculture and Food.
   From the selected 84 participants of the project, 8 participants are aged from 36 to 55 years. There are 2 participants in Kaa-Khem kozhuun: from the villages of Sug-Bazhi and Buren-Khem. In Tere-Khol kozhuun, 1 participant from the village of Emi. Most of all participants in Dzun-Khemchik kozhuun. Residents of the villages IME, Khondergei and Chilaka. In Erzin kozhuun 2 participants from the villages of Erzin and Moren.
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