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   According to the Kalmykia news agency, wintering in the republic takes place in the conditions of mobilization of available forces and means.
   To feed cattle and sheep after an abnormally dry summer and an acute shortage of feed, to ensure the safety of animals, a high yield of young animals would be an unattainable task, if the republic did not receive federal support in the form of subsidies for the purchase of feed. The regional Ministry of Agriculture brought 612 million rubles to livestock breeders – 562 million from the federal budget and 50 million from the republican treasury.
   According to the director of JSC "Sarpa" Ketchenerovsky district M. N. Mutulov, this support was needed, because without it, it would have been necessary to take out loans and try to survive on borrowed funds. It would not be easy to do this, because the breeding plant has 2.5 thousand heads of cattle and 17 thousand heads of sheep. Part of the reserves, approximately 1.5 thousand tons remain, but the stock, as you know, does not pull the pocket. This winter, the situation is different, much more difficult than in previous years.
   As for the weather conditions of wintering, they still do not cause much trouble to livestock breeders and their wards. All forty winter quarters of JSC "Sarpa" have entrances, people work in normal mode, pay special attention to the breeding stock, on which the state of animal husbandry will depend in the new year, and in subsequent years, too.
   Shepherds, specialists of agriculture and its Director M. N. Mutuluv, who is the Chairman of the Committee on legislation, law, state structure and local self-government of the people's Hural (Parliament) of the Republic of Kalmykia emphasize that measures to support the livestock of the Republic was provided only by appeal to Federal centre of the head of Republic of Kalmykia Batu Hasikov.
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