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   There are no easy wintering grounds. Each is a kind of test. But the current shepherds and herdsmen of the Remontnensky district of the Rostov region will probably be remembered as one of the most difficult. Moreover, the drought has not given in full to procure fodder, so weather does not get tired to surprise us — that entered the road of snow, it will hit hard frosts, immediately after them, as of now, the thaw begins, when steppe roads can be reached only by all-terrain vehicle or a tractor.
  To date, the Collective Farm-breeding plant "Pervomaysky" contains more than 10 thousand sheep, this is the most numerous flock in the area, in addition, there are 714 heads of cattle on the farm's herds. For such a livestock, as the chief veterinarian of the farm, Alexander Ivanovich Sazonov, says, feed is prepared in short supply. But nevertheless, in the diet of sheep there is also a grain mixture,and straw, and hay, although not enough.
 Animal breeders complain: it would be better if there was a frost than such slush, which sheep do not tolerate well.
- It's hard, very hard, but we'll win over, - says A. I. Sazonov, not without a bit of optimism. — We will try to get out of the winter camp with minimal losses.
  Ahead of all the livestock breeders of the district, the next test is the breeding campaign. In the herd teams of the collective farm-breeding plant "Pervomaisky" already accept young animals. Offspring are expected from 420 cows and 33 heifers. Drovers plan to get 377 heads of young animals.
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