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     Since the 8th to the 11th of June the 11th Siberian and Far Eastern exhibition of breeding sheep and goats was hold in Chita. Ministry of Agriculture of Russian Federation, Government of Zabaikalye Territory organized it.

   Deputy Director of Livestock Department and breeding works of Ministry of Agriculture of Russian Federation Kharon Amerkhanov, Governor of Zabaikalye Territory Konstanteen Ilkovsky, Director General of National Association of Sheep Breeders Mikhail Egorov, heads, specialists of agriculture, main veterinarians, breeders of stud farms from the Republics of Kalmykia, Khakasia, Buryatiya and Tyva, Altaysky, Stavropol, Krasnoyarsk and Zabaikalye Territories, the Amur, Irkutsk, Novosibirsk regions, scientists and delegations from China and Mongolian People’s Republic. 
   35 agricultural enterprises from 6 regions of Russian Federation participated in the Exhibition. They presented 10 breeds of sheep. Among them are: Zabaikalye, Altay breed, Manych Merino, West-Siberian meat breeds, Edilbay, Aginsk breed and 2 two breeds of goats – Soviet and Gorny Altai downy breeds.   
     The Committee of Experts evaluated about 115 heads of animals, among them 49 animals got the prices. 
According to the decision of the Committee of experts Agricultural production cooperative “Stud farm Rodina” became the winner of the Exhibition. The winner got the price – the auto “Chevrolet-Niva”. 
    The special price of the governor of Zabaikalye Territory – the auto “Lada Largus” was given to the agricultural production cooperative stud farm “Druzhba” (Zabaikalye Territory). 
The winner of the Exhibition among goats breeding farms was Agricultural production cooperative “Beeche-Tey”, the Republic of Tyva. 
    22 workers of agricultural sphere got honorary certificates and appreciations from the Federal Ministry of agriculture. Breeders and heads of stud farms from all the regions-participants were also awarded with certificates of the Committee of Experts,
   The discussion on the theme “Production and economic capacity of sheep and goats breeding in the modern conditions” was hold during the Exhibition. At the beginning of the discussion the participant watched the film got from the Conference in South Africa in 2014 about South African meat merinos, which offspring came in Russia in 2007. 


After this the participant were interested in the report of the Director General of NASB Mikhail Egorov, who told about new direction in Russian sheep breeding (during the last years breeders from 6 farms of Stavropol Territory work on creating of the group of animals in the type of meat Merino). The exhibition was hold at a high level. All the animals were prepared very well. And the participants got a possibility to communicate with each other discussing the problems of the modern sheep breeding in Siberian and Far-Eastern Region.
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