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     In the Botlikh area the construction of the Dagestan's first craft on mutton processing is complete. The project is constructed within realization of the first stage of the investment project of LLC Agrodagitaliya.
       Construction of craft with estimated capacity of 500 heads per day began on August 25 the current year. Now 50 people work at the enterprise. The object is equipped with the modern equipment from Russia, Germany and Italy, already now it lets out the cooled semi-finished products of all types.
   Next in turn is construction of slaughterhouse which will allow to use full capacity of the enterprise and to provide processing of meat from four nearby areas: Akhvakhsky, Botlikh, Gumbetovsky and Tsumadinsky where more than 500 thousand heads of a small cattle are concentrated, and the annual slaughter makes 200-250 thousand heads.
Construction of the slaughterhouse is planned to finish in August next year. The total cost of the project if 150 million rubles (about US$2,5 million). 
     On December 10 Deputy minister of Agriculture of the Republic of Dagestan Shamil Bakharchiev visited the enterprise. He examined work of the craft, talked to the leaders, employees.
Within the meeting it became known that the processed mutton and lamb will cost much cheaper than meat from abroad.
According to the Agricultural ministry of the Republic of Dagestan within the import substitution there are a list of measures on saturation of regional market of the country with high quality products from Dagestan which includes the sphere of meat processing.

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