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    Today in Chita the work of the XIII Siberian-Far East exhibition of breeding sheep and goats has been summed up. For four days its members have been anticipating the results, presenting the best animals to the expert committee. This year the exhibition was attended by 35 stud farms from six regions of the Russian Federation – Republics of Khakassia, Tyva, Buryatia, Altai, and the Altai and Transbaikalian Regions, which brought 11 breeds of sheep and 2 breeds of goats, just over three hundred heads. 
The prize of the Minister of agriculture of the Russian Federation, the car "UAZ-Hunter" passed to OOO "Komsomolets" of Chernyshevsky area of the Transbaikalian Region. The prize of the Governor of the Zabaykalsky Region "Lada - Granta" went to stud farm “Dogoy” of the Mogoytuysky district.
    Second degree diplomas in the industry of sheep breeding were given to OOO "Katanda" (Altai) and “Malchyn” (Tyva). Third place went to OOO “Garel” (Zabaykalsky Region), OOO “Mayak” (Altai Region), OOO "Mustang" (Khakassia) and SPK “Bayan-Gol” (Buryatia).
     The leaders in goat farming have become SPK “Orug" (Tyva) and SPK “Ortolyk" (Altai).

     This year, the exhibition has marked the 60th anniversary since the establishment of the Transbaikal fine-wool breed of sheep. In honor of the anniversary, The Walk of Fame with portraits of the authors of the breed and those who are now making a significant contribution to the development of this industry was opened.
    The event was attended by acting Governor of Transbaikalian Region Natalya Zhdanova and Director of Cattle Breeding and Stud work Department of Ministry of agriculture Kharon Amerkhanov.
During the exhibition workshops on the evaluation of sheep and wool classing were held.
The best result in sheep shearing showed: Zorikto Galsanov of Buryatia (3 min 3 sec), the sheep shearer from Tyva, Baljinima Sambuev of SPK “Rassvet” (3 min 52 sec).
    In total, the competition of shearers was attended by 12 people, including two women. The best time showed Soijit Tumurova of OOO “Garel” (Mogoytuysky district), 4 min 24 sec.

The Ministry of agriculture and food of Zabaikalsky Region
09 June 2016

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