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         Representatives of the Republic of Crimea, interested in development of sheep breeding on the peninsula, had a working visit in Stavropol Region.


   Guests of the resort region visited stud farm "Vostok" (Stepnovskiy district) and examined the North Caucasian mutton-wool breed of sheep and saw the conditions for the animals. The head of the stud farm Pyotr Lobanov spoke about the history of the breed, vast geography of its implementation in Soviet times and the conditions that need to be created for sheep on a new place. Mr Lobanov proposed 500 head of ewes of last year birth for implementation. After weaning young stock, the farm is ready to implement the commercial livestock.


Together with the Director General of National Association of sheep breeders Mikhail Egorov, the guests visited another stud farm "Plemzavod the Second five-year plan" (Ipatovskiy district). They examined 3 breeding stocks of Dzhalginsky Merino and rams’ stock. Animals impressed with the quality of the wool, their size and meat forms. The Crimean businessmen came to the conclusion that they would be able to create the conditions for the sheep, but the training of sheep breeders is likely to have carried out in Stavropol. The Chairman of "The Second five-year plan" Igor Serdyukov said that the shepherds of the farm are highly professional experts in their field, who dedicated many years of their working life to it, and expressed their readiness to create conditions for this kind of courses for the Crimean sheep breeders. In conclusion, the Crimean businessmen and 2 stud farms agreed on buying young stock for fattening and growing in order to develop sheep breeding in Crimea.
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