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    Weekly “Kizlyar Uritsky meat plant” supplies more than 20 tons of lamb to Iran.
   Another delivery of more than 12 tones was held on November 20. As the Director of the plant N. Omarov said, the shipping of frozen lamb is carried out overland in refrigerated trucks.
   The representative of the Iranian company Murad Hadath also said that the meat was of excellent quality and was in great demand in Iran. Also they hope to increase exports.
   The first 800 carcasses of lamb were sent from Kizlyar in late October. In general, the volume of supplies will amount to 800 animals per day, although the demand of the Iranian side is much higher – up to 2-3 thousand animals. Mostly it would be lamb, produced strictly according to the standards set by the Muslim religion.
   “Kizlyar Uritsky meat plant” is one of the leading meat processing and sausage producing plants. Its products are in high demand in Dagestan as well as in the neighbouring regions.


 In the framework of implementation of the priority project "Establishment of agricultural complex of processing of livestock products in the Republic of Dagestan", the enterprise has created a resource base to increase production of sausage products, production of new types of smoked sausages, canned meat. They have started a milk processing plant with a capacity of 5 tons per day and a workshop for production of smoked sausage of 5 thousand tons, as well as slaughterhouse technology "Halal" approved by the muftiat of the Republic.

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