Since the beginning of the year, lamb export haы shown record growth, for the first time significantly exceeding import. This was announced by the General Director of The Russian export center Andrey Slepnev. In particular, in October last year, its export amounted to 23 tons, in June this year it’s 1,151 tons.
   "The Russian economy was able to earn an additional $ 20 million from the export of lamb, which is equivalent to, for example, 2/3 of the revenue of pork exports. If we maintain the current monthly level, we will be able to achieve export volumes of 10 thousand tons per year", — said Andrey Slepnev, General Director of the REC.
The main consumer of Russian lamb is Iran.   The Director General also noted that the implementation of the national project, which provides broad measures to support agriculture, will make a powerful breakthrough in the development of agriculture in Russia and will significantly increase the export of national products.
The head of the REC pointed out that 10 thousand tons in the previous year was the Russian import of mutton, now the situation has changed radically, for the first half of the year Russia imported 1.7 million tons, while exports of lamb and mutton amounted to 4.1 thousand tons to 41 tons for the same period last year.
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