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    National Association of sheep breeders summed up the results of the XX Russian agro-industrial exhibition "Golden Autumn".
     Twenty six sheep and goat breeding agricultural enterprises from thirteen regions of the Russian Federation were presented there. Guests of the exhibition were shown 20 breeds of sheep of different directions of productivity and 4 breeds of goats.
   Traditionally, the industry was widely represented by the leading regions of the industry: the Republic of Dagestan and Kalmykia, Stavropol region, producing a total of 52% of the total Russian volume of wool and 33% of sheep and goats for slaughter in slaughter weight.

The breeding farm "Vostok" is the leader of the Russian market in the production of crossbred wool. North Caucasian meat-wool breed of sheep is known not only in most regions of the country but also abroad where thousands of high-quality sheep are being sold.  
  Kalmyk breeding plants, such as "Pervomaisky", today are manufacturers of the largest single-type batches of Merino wool obtained from the sheep of the Grozny breed.
 "Chernozemelsky" showed a new breed of fine-wool sheep - Chernozemelsky Merino.
Breeding plants "Polynny" and "Kirov" of the Republic of Kalmykia showed Karakul and Kalmyk coarse-wool sheep.
 Back in 1912, at the first sheep-breeding exhibition in Moscow Lezgin sheep breed was shown. On the anniversary of the "Golden autumn" this native of Dagestan coarse-wool breed was brought by sheep farmers from "Vostok-2".
   The only fine-wool breed that produces all Merino wool in Dagestan is Dagestan mountain breed of sheep, which was showed by "Chokh" and "Noble people". These animals have huge endurance as they overcome tens or even hundreds of kilometers on the way to the summer mountain pastures and back.
The new breed of Katum sheep from the Leningrad region is already known to participants and guests of Russian exhibitions. In September this year, within the "Baltic forum of veterinary medicine and food security – 2018", the official presentation of this new breed was held.
Texels of the Interregional center of livestock breeding "Texel farm" came to Russia from the best foreign herds for the development of domestic meat sheep. Ordinary people look at them with surprise, and experts with interest, as well as at other exhibits presented by this firm – Anglo-Nubian goats.            The leading goat breeding farms "Prinevskoye" and "Krasnozyornoe" has shown high yielding Zaninsky milk goats which, as is well known, tasty and healthy not only for children but also for elderly people.
The quality of the animals and the uniqueness of the breeds are confirmed by the high awards of the exhibition.
     National Association of sheep breeders was awarded with the gold medal of the XX Russian agro-industrial exhibition "Golden autumn" and the Grand Prix for its contribution to the exhibition.
   Four agricultural organizations that presented sheep and goats were awarded with the silver medals of the exhibition, twenty-two – with the gold medals of the XX Russian agro-industrial exhibition "Golden autumn".

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