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   In the Shchelkovo municipal district in 2020 there will be a goat farm with a processing complex for the production of milk, cheese and meat.
On an area of nearly 1100 acres given by the government to implement large-scale project, limited liability company "Ecofarming" plans to build a milk processing plant with Zaanenskaya goat breed. This breed is distinguished by fatty milk (up to 4%) with odorless and high milk yield: one goat can give more than 1 ton of milk per year.
   The investor plans to start with 2000 goats and increase it to 8,000 in three years, 4000 of which will be a milking herd. Modern equipment, automation of processes and established system of production of high-quality varieties of cheese after the project at full capacity will provide the district with 4000 tons of milk, 400 tons of cheese and 100 tons of meat per year.
  Attracting investors to the region and helping business is one of the main activities of the regional government. The creation of conditions in which businessmen can implement large projects allows to improve the economy of municipalities, to expand the product range of the domestic market and to offer employment to residents of the region. Thanks to the implementation of the project "Ecofarming", the region will have 62 jobs and volume of tax and non-tax revenues in the regional budget for 10 years will reach more than 1 billion rubles.
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