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     On October 25-26 in Chita there was held a training seminar on the classing of sheep and cattle of meat breeds and a seminar on the management of automated zoo technical accounting program "Selex. Beef cattle”, “Selex. Sheep”.
    The event, organized by the Ministry of agriculture of Transbaikalian Region; it was attended by 20 specialists from breeding farms of 8 municipal districts of the region.
    "Selex" allows you to create a closed cycle of processing information about farm animals available in the farm. The database accumulates all the basic information on animals: origin, genotype, development, exterior, integrated assessment, productivity, calving, and insemination.
    The seminar was opened by Pavel Likhanov, the head of the Department of livestock and breeding of the regional Ministry of agriculture. In his speech, he noted that one of the main tasks facing today's breeding farms is to increase the level of selection work, as it is designed to improve the productive and quality indicators of farm animals. "Selex" contributes to the achievement of this goal.
    On October, 25th, the participants discussed the issues of beef cattle breeding. Theoretical and practical training was conducted by specialists of the Ministry of agriculture of the region, "TRANS-Baikal center of livestock breeding and professors of the TRANS-Baikal agricultural Institute. The experts of breeding farms have demonstrated how to carry out the classing of animals.
On October 26th, the seminar dealt with topical issues related to sheep breeding. At the end of the seminar, participants received certificates of professional development.
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