Australian Sheep Farmers Strengthen Their Positions Print E-mail
       Rabobank reports that the number of consumers who are willing to pay more for quality sheep meat and lamb products, if they meet the requirements for quality, reliability and transparency of production, is growing every year. Global consumption of sheep meat is expected to increase by 1.6% on average in five years, with key growth prospects in new markets.
    Growth in wool consumption will be limited as supply remains under pressure due to the current drought, but Rabobank experts believe that continued growth in demand from traditional markets and new consumers will help to maintain the growth in the value of wool, which could be the highest since 2015. Today consumers are willing to pay more for sheep meat and other products of the sheep sector, if these products meet their quality requirements.
Australian sheep producers are already well positioned in the global market and can benefit from these new markets as they have a good reputation for producing high quality products. However, competition from alternative proteins in the same markets may intensify, and producers will need to continue to look for methods to improve the quality of their products.
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