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      Mongolia intends to train 1,700 veterinarians in the land of the Rising Sun.
    Training of specialists will have a positive impact on the export of livestock products, veterinary supervision, veterinary, export, animal husbandry
   Mongolia has a free trade agreement with Japan. It’s important to change the trade principles in the interests of Mongolian businessmen. To do this, they need to increase the size and types of export products. The parties agreed to expand cooperation in the livestock sector.  монголия, ветнадзор, ветеринар, экспорт, животноводство
    In this regard, 1700 veterinarians from Mongolia will be trained in Japan. This will contribute to the achievement of the main goal of Mongolian exports to Japan – the supply of quality animal products.
 Mongolia intends to improve the quality of meat, milk, skins and wool, then the country will have new achievements and standards. But the veterinary system is experiencing some difficulties. They cannot be solved by the cattle breeders themselves, they must be solved at the state level, become part of the state policy.
The veterinarian is the most important person in Mongolia, because the livestock in Mongolia is very developed. Veterinarian is a specialist with higher (veterinarian) or specialized secondary (veterinary paramedic) education, engaged in the treatment of animals (veterinary) and related responsibilities.
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