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 Sergey Dankvert, Head of the Russian Federal Veterinary And Phytosanitary Monitoring Service, believes that full export of livestock products is impossible without the identification of livestock.

       "If there is no identification of livestock, then there is no whole cycle of traceability of products, namely, this is what all foreign inspectors who come to check our system of ensuring the safety of products intended for export pay attention to," Dankvert said at a meeting of the Council on agribusiness issues at the Federation Council.

     "We have to look for answers to the simplest questions asked by the inspectors. For example — why do we have no identification of cattle?", — he said.

     According to him, foreign inspectors are also puzzled by the fact that it is necessary to inform the inspectors about the upcoming inspection. This is also one of the frequent comments in the audit reports.

       Dankvert said that last year 17 inspections were conducted in Russia, during which foreign experts studied the system of food safety, including at enterprises that declared their intention to export their products. This year the number of inspections, according to him, will increase to 20.

      As reported, the Ministry of agriculture has prepared amendments to the law "On veterinary medicine", which provide for the introduction of labeling and accounting of animals and giving the state authorities of the regions the authority to carry out this work.
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