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    Vasily Serdyukov, head of the marketing depatment of the National Association of sheep breeders visited leading breeding farms of the Dagestan mountain sheep breed - "Tchoch" and "Sogratl". These farms are the originators of the breed. To date, breeding work is aimed at increasing the productivity of sheep and the quality of products, which is wool and meat.

Vasily Serdyukov, together with A. Khozhokov, member of the Board of Directors of the National Association of sheep breeders, representative of the NASB in the Republic of Dagestan, and also heads and leading specialists of agricultural companies, examined the number of lambs obtained in 2019 from ewes of the Dagestan mountain sheep and rams of Russian meat Merinos from Stavropol breeding plants. The objective of the experiment is the study of the adaptive qualities of crossbred young sheep to the conditions of the mountain-pasture system of management of sheep, increasing mutton production from each of the ewes and quality of manufactured wool.
    Sheep breeders from “Sogratl” explained that the young livestock alone went up into the mountain, and, without getting concentrated feed after weaning, gained weight from 22 to 32 kg.
   In "Tchoch" they examined the exhibition sheep livestock, which in October will participate in the Russian Agro-industrial exhibition “Golden autumn”. By all accounts, the animals are in good shape and are ready to present Dagestan sheep breeding at the main agricultural exhibition of the country.

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