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   The 21st Russian Agro-Industrial Exhibition "Golden Autumn" took place  in Moscow from October 8 to October 12.
   Among the farms that demonstrated animals at the exhibition were members of National Association of Sheep Breeders: Agricultural production cooperative Stud Farm "Leninsky Put’" of the Ivanovo region, OOO Agricultural Enterprise "Katuma," ZAO Stud Farm "Prinevsky" and ZAO "Krasnozernaya" of the Leningrad region, OOO Agricultural enterprise "Lukoz" from the Mari El Republic, OOO “Innovation and technologies in the cattle breeding” and “Trans-regional center of  livestock farming” of Moscow region. Stands with products of the industry were demonstrated on the exhibition by Agricultural production cooperative "Stud farm Second Five-Year Plan" of Stavropol Territory, APC ”Farm firm "Choh" and APC "Red October" of the Republic of Dagestan.

   Unfortunately, sheep farms from the Republics of Dagestan and Kalmykia, Karachay-Cherkessk Republic, Stavropol Krai, Rostov, Astrakhan and Volgograd regions could not take part in the exhibition. Access to Moscow was denied to them due to regionalization.
This detail was not left unattended by the head of Russian Ministry of Agriculture. During the meeting with Minister of Agriculture V. Patrushev and First Deputy Minister D.H. Khatuov General Director of the National Association of Sheep Breeders Mikhail Egorov once again drew attention to this problem.

   Representatives of the Federal Ministry assured that they were familiar with the problem and are sure that it requires a solution.


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