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    The head of Tuva Sholban Kara-ool proposed to include in the regional project "Kishtag for a young family" people with many children who have been released from places of deprivation of liberty.(Kishtag - type of dwelling for inhabitants of South Siberia)/
This program involves the land for pasture allocation, and the possibility of obtaining no-interest loan for the purchase of 200 heads of sheep. In a year, the farmer must return the sheep to the project fund.Глава Тувы предлагает выделять землю и овец вышедшим на свободу заключенным с несколькими детьми для их исправления
    At the same time, the head of Tuva stressed that responsibility for violation of the terms of the program for former prisoners should be strict.
   According to him, 62% of crimes in Tuva are recidivism, and the involvement of those wishing to correct in the program "Kishtag for young family" will contribute to the re-socialization of former prisoners.
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