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       According to the Ministry of Agriculture of Stavropol territory, currently 114.1 thousand sheep are inseminated in agricultural organizations. In 2019 it is planned to inseminate 160.1 thousand sheep. As of today, the planned key figure is 71% complete. In Turkmen, Alexandrovsk, Grachevsky, Trunovsky and Predgorny municipal districts, as well as in Novoalexandrovsk city districts, insemination was performed by 100% in accordance with the plan.
In tribal organizations of the region 55.8 thousand sheep are inseminated. It is planned to inseminate 68.7 thousand heads. The implementation of the plan is - 81%.

       In Agricultural production cooperative (APC) stud farm "Put’ Lenina" and APK "Rossia" of Apanasenkovsky municipal district, APK kolkhoz-stud farm named after Lenin of Arzgir municipal district, ZAO "Kamennobalkovsky" of the Blagodarny urban district, APK stud farm “Vtoraya Pyatiletka” insemination is performed according to the plan by 100%.
     Annually more than 30 thousand heads of young sheep are sold by tribal organizations of the region.

    One of the priority tasks set today by the Governor of Stavropol Territory Vladimir Vladimirov is the exit to industrial production of lamb. The implementation of the investment project "Damate" on the territory of the region is completely focused on the development of the sheep farming industry. Within the framework of the project 134 heads of tribal sheep were imported, including 52 heads of rams and 82 heads of ewes of seven breeds: Sharole, Polldorset, Il-de- France, Swifter, Texel, Cvartbles, Bluefaced Leicester. Every year it is planned to inseminate up to 10 thousand heads.
    In July 2020, the first results of the lambing, yield, fertility, growth capacity and survivability of offspring will be obtained. Experience will allow not only to adopt imported genetics on our tribal population, but also to keep the breed completely.

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