Breeding Stock of Sheep In North Ossetia Will Be Increased In 2020 Print E-mail
     The authorities of North Ossetia - Alania thanks to the state support plan to increase the breeding stock of sheep in the republic twice - to 100 thousand in the next two years..
     This year sheep breeders within the framework of a separate republican program received 9.7 million rubles of state support. The implementation of the project on the use of new land plots in Alagir, Prigorodny and Iraf districts of the Republic will also help to implement the tasks. Here livestock farmers will store hay for feeding sheep in winter. The total area of pasture will be brought to 20 thousand hectares.
   Earlier, the head of North Ossetia, Vyatcheslav Bitarov, instructed the Government of the Republic to develop a program for the development of mountain territories, including the development of sheep breeding. According to him, mountain and high-mountain pastures and hayfield are not effectively used in the republic, the feed potential of which will allow to obtain cheap competitive livestock products.
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