There are 3,134 winter cattle camps in the republic. 165.6 thousand heads of cattle, 1186 thousand heads of small cattle, 83845 heads of horses, 241 heads of camels, 12.4 heads of pigs, 30.4 thousand heads of birds were transferred to wintering in all categories of farms. The total reserve of feed is - 1,304 tons.Зимовка скота в Туве проходит в нормальном режиме
   247.9 thousand tons of rough feed and 3,730 tons of succulent food were harvested for successful wintering of livestock.
The Ministry of Agriculture and Food notes that weather conditions are generally favorable for livestock and farmers.
Roads to the hard-to-reach winter cattle camps of most kozhuun (an administrative district in the Republic of Tuva which is the equivalent of a district elsewhere in the Russian Federation) are open. Total there are 619 such camps.
   In Mongun-Taigin kozhuun after a long snowfall the thickness of snow cover reached 20-30 cm. As a result, 8 cattle camps moved.
The Ministry of Agriculture and municipal authorities have special control over the implementation of the Governor's project "Kishtag for the young family."
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