The Ministry of Agriculture of the Zabaikalye Territory controls the safety of the population weekly. Currently, the wintering of livestock takes place in a routine mode.

    The operational headquarters of the Ministry of Agriculture for the passage of wintering coordinates work in municipal areas and decides on issues to maintain the pace of livestock production in the field. Special attention is paid to the technology of keeping and feeding farm animals. Today there are little snowfalls on natural pastures, cattle are grazed, so feed is consumed in small volumes. The state of farms animals meets the criteria of good fatness.

    In total, more than 450,000 cattle, more than 500,000 sheep, about 100,000 horses, more than 70,000 pigs and more than 450,000 heads of birds entered the wintering 2019-2020. On average 10.6 hundredweight of feed units per conventional head were harvested in agricultural organizations and farms of the region

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