Hero Of Labor Of Stavropol Region

                 A sheep breeder, who dedicated 41 years to the sheep industry, became Hero of labor of the Stavropol Region.



The National Association of sheep breeders sincerely congratulates Vasily Kharchenko and wishes him good health and well-being!


    By the end of 2020 meat production in Russia will amount to 11 million tons: 4.1 million tons is pork, 1.7 million tons is beef, 5 million tons is poultry, 0.2 million tons is lamb.

   In a number of regions, the transition to contract farming is planned in sheep farming: when breeding centers owned by large companies distribute young animals on a contract basis to farmers. This creates a network of feedlots and farms. Unrecorded livestock will become less and less. This will determine positive changes in the restructuring of the industry, which will eventually lead to an increase in production volumes. In just two or three years, such major investment projects as Stavropol farmer, Khakass mutton, Kavkaz-Meat have appeared in the sector, and Miratorg and other companies are developing this area.

   Damate opened a new line of business — lamb production - in 2018. The project is being implemented in the North Caucasus Federal district and provides breeding and feedlots for 54 thousand cattle, a meat processing plant and a service company. In September, the holding company announced the start of reconstruction of the slaughterhouse in Cherkessk, which is planned to be completed in 2021. The total investment in the mutton project will grow to 2.7 billion rubles. The plant will produce natural semi-finished products from lamb meat, minced meat, marinades and canned food. The products will be certified according to Halal and kosher standards. As a result of full commissioning, the plant's capacity will be about 700 thousand heads, or more than 12 thousand tons of finished products per year.

Fine-Wool Sheep Breeding-Brand Of The Region

   Stavropol region takes a leading position in the country in terms of the number of breeding organizations and the volume of fine wool production. The number of fine-wool sheep at the beginning of the year has amounted to 94.2 thousand sheep.

   The reproduction rate of such sheep is 110% per 100 sheep heads. In the breeding farms of the region in 2020, 70 thousand lambs of fine-wool breeds appeared with 95% preservation. As for wool, this year farmers received 460.1 tons. The finest wool in Russia is produced in the Stavropol Region.Самая тонкая шерсть в России производится на Ставрополье

   There are 2 breeding and genetic centers, 7 breeding farms, 4 breeding farms and one gene pool in the Stavropol Region. This ensures the region’s leadership in Russia in terms of product quality and the number of breeding stock of fine-wool sheep.

   The Stavropol and Caucasian breeds, Soviet, dzhalginsky and Manych Merino became the business cards of Stavropol sheep breeders.

   In addition to the Russian market, our wool is exported to Bulgaria, Belarus, Mongolia, Uruguay, China, Kazakhstan, Germany and India.

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