Acting Head of Dagestan Sergey Melikov signed a decree on the introduction of an emergency regime in the Nogai and Tarumovsky districts.

   “In connection with the significant destruction of the soil cover on the lands of cattle breeding intended for keeping livestock in winter, due to strong drying winds and the absence of precipitation for a long time on the territory of certain municipal districts of the Republic of Dagestan, I decide to introduce an emergency regime on the territories of the municipal districts "Nogai district" and "Tarumovsky district" of the Republic of Dagestan from November 24, 2020,” the document says.

Meat Fairs

   On November 25, meat fairs opened at all five retail outlets in Ulan-Ude. Agricultural producers from almost all regions of the Republic take part in them.   


Жители Улан-Удэ могут впрок запастись мясной продукцией
   “We understand that the fair is necessary. First, the population has a high demand for meat products. It is important that this does not happen spontaneously, but under the close control of all services and departments responsible for product safety. Secondly, for many of our farmers, the meat fair is the result of the year in terms of income. It is important for them to sell their products. This is relevant because many businesses have closed because of COVID. Agriculture is a continuous production process,” said the First Deputy Minister of agriculture Bulat Tsyrenzhapov.
   He stressed that all retail outlets have created conditions for holding the event in accordance with sanitary and epidemiological standards: social distance, masks, thermometry. In addition, all products that are sold at the fair are subject to veterinary and sanitary expertise and are strictly regulated by the veterinary and accompanying documents of the veterinary Department of Buryatia.


Exemption From VAT
   Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a law that extends the zero VAT rate for breeding livestock products until the end of 2022. Previously, the 0% tax rate was applied from October 1, 2016, and from January 1, 2021, it was supposed to be 20 or 10%.
   The Ministry of agriculture of Russia addressed the National Association of sheep breeders with a request to express their opinion on the extension of the zero VAT rate. The Association supported this legislative initiative.
   VAT exemption applies to the sale of breeding cattle, breeding pigs, sheep and goats, horses, poultry or eggs, as well as seed obtained from breeding bulls on the territory of Russia and importation into the country. In addition, the law applies to embryos obtained from breeding cattle, breeding pigs, sheep, goats, and horses.
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