Minister of Agriculture and Food of Dagestan Abzagir Khuseynov opened a feeding platform on the basis of the agricultural cooperative "Agrofirma" Sogratl "in the Gunib district of the republic.
      Deputy Minister Magomed Shapiev, Head of the Department of Development of Livestock and Fodder Production Industries of the Ministry of Agriculture of Dagestan Ilmutdin Salakhbekov, Head of the Department of Livestock of the Federal Agrarian Scientific Center of the Republic Abdusalam Khozhkov, Head of the Department of Agriculture of the Administration of Gunib district Akhmed Khuchirov and others took part in the meeting.24ot3.jpg
     According to Abdurakhman Churayev, head of the "Agrofirma “Sogratl”, the area of the new feeding platform with the possibility of holding up to 1.5 thousand heads of small cattle is 2 thousand square meters. With its help, the enterprise plans to increase profitability to 40%. According to him, the small cattle will be on feeding for 4-4.5 months, during this time its slaughter weight will increase to 20-21 kg.
     In addition, in 2020, it is planned to build a modular slaughter shop for the production of sausage, as well as to organize another feeding platform for 1-1.5 thousand heads on the basis of Agrofirma. According to Abzagir Khuseynov, Head of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food of Dagestan, such platforms solve many issues in terms of the development of sheep breeding, processing industry and create an export product. Abzagir Khuseynov also added that currently in Dagestan there is a whole set of measures that allows sheep breeding farms to enjoy multichannel state support.
     Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Food of Dagestan Magomed Shapiev held an offsite meeting to the crossing of farm animals to winter pastures and wintering of livestock in the zones of livestock breeding.
     The event was attended by Deputy Head of the Dagestan Branch "Rosselkhozcentre" Sagitali Abdurazakov, Head of the Department of Veterinary Medicine of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food of the Republic of Dagestan Sergey Popandopoulos, Head of the Department of the Rosselkhoznadzor in the Republic of Dagestan Gadzhimagomed Azaev.13sz1.JPG
     The head of the Republican Department of Rejection Livestock said that more than 1.3 million heads of sheep were transported for summer pastures. In total, according to Nabi Abdulgamidov, more than 1.3 million heads of sheep and goats, 166 thousand heads of cattle, 2.7 thousand heads of horses are kept on the lands of livestock breeding in Dagestan.
     Nabi Abdullamidov stated that the transfer was completed without loss and negative consequences.
    During the meeting, other participants of the event also touched upon various aspects of the issues discussed. In particular, issues of combating diseases of agricultural life, state support for livestock farmers and others were raised. On all the voiced questions representatives of the Ministry of Agriculture of Dagestan were given the necessary explanations.
    In sheep breeding farms of the Zabaikalye Territory the mating campaign ended. A total of 151,662 heads of sheep occurred; including 51,856 heads were artificially inseminated.
   In general, 501 bands of ewes was formed during the mating campaign, 3.1 thousand heads of rams-producers were prepared.
The first lambs of the transbaikalian sheep breeders are preparing to be accepted in early March 2020. Agricultural organizations are provided with the necessary fodder base to obtain the seed and its preservation.
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