СПК Племзавод "Ромашковский"  Волгоградской области  предлагает к реализации племенных ярок 2018 г. волгоградской породы (мясо-шерсного напраления продуктивности) средним весом 46 кг по цене 220 руб. /кг живого веса. В наличие 3000 голов.

     Кроме того имеются на реализацию 150   племенных бараничиков 2018 г.р. средним живым весом 65 кг.   цена - 220 руб./кг.                                              
     Контактные телефоны: +7 (902) 385-25-77; +7 (902) 655-20-02.

     In Russia there is a service "Farmyard", allowing you to buy and sell farm animals on the most favorable terms in the CIS countries and at the most favorable prices.
      A potential buyer can call or send an application by e-mail, indicating their main criteria: breed, number, price, age, terms and conditions of delivery, availability of documents and so on. As soon as the application is formed, the message about the new purchase is instantly sent via SMS and e-mail to the breeders of this particular breed.
Within two days, breeders have the right to participate in the auction, that is, to put their own proposals with their prices. The seller who offers the best conditions and the best price wins the auction. For buyers it is free, and the seller pays a small commission on the transaction.
     Farmers and farms that purchase livestock for agribusiness (cattle, pigs, sheep, etc.) usually find suppliers by word of mouth or random search on the Internet. As a rule, it is not cheap or convenient. The service will allow them in two days to find the best offer in the entire post-Soviet territory, save up to 40% of money and find the best time, logistics, etc. options, — says the founder of the project Alexander Gavrilenko. And suppliers of cattle will be able to earn steadily on sale. All potential buyers will send you their requests by mail or phone, you just have to decide whether to participate in the sale or not. The auction itself is not binding.
 According to experts, the service will be needed by the participants of the state programs "New farmer" and "Family livestock farms", small farmers and owners of private farms, as well as agricultural enterprises that would like to engage in serious animal husbandry. This is an excellent tool for sellers of livestock.  
    In addition, companies that are engaged in the design and construction of farms, veterinarians, suppliers of equipment, feed, premixes and other related services will be able to offer their services here.
Conference In The Republic Of Khakassia

       On July 17, 2019 in the Republic of Khakassia, an interregional scientific and practical conference “Sheep and goat breeding in Siberia – the potential to increase the export component of the industry” was held. It was organized jointly by the National Association of sheep breeders and the Ministry of agriculture and food of the Republic of Khakassia.
The conference was attended by ministers of agriculture of different regions of Russia,  specialists of the National Association of sheep breeders, agribusiness management bodies of ten subjects of the Russian Federation, sheep farms; representatives of science and business.

      General Director of the National Association of sheep breeders M. V. Yegorov made a report at the Interregional scientific and practical conference “Sheep and goat breeding in Siberia – the potential to increase the export component of the industry”.
In his report, he cited data on the state of the sheep and goat industry in the Siberian and Far Eastern Federal districts, outlined the problems typical for the industry as a whole and for the regions of Siberia.
     In particular, he noted that almost 2 million villagers live in five regions of Siberia, which are characterized by the development of the industry. In the Republic of Altai it is 71% of the total population, in Tyva – more than 46%; In Altai Krai – 43%; Buryatia – 41%. The mountainous regions of Russia are vast territories rich in natural forage, where people were originally destined to engage in animal husbandry. The share of livestock products in the mountainous regions of the Siberian and Far Eastern Federal districts is quite high. At the same time, the most effective industry that determines the economy of farms is sheep and goat breeding.
     The number of sheep and goats in the two Federal districts of Siberia in 2018 amounted to 3 million heads:
     The Republic of Tuva – 1134.6 mln. Moreover, this region has not reduced, but increased the number by almost 12%;
     The Republic of Altai – 565.0 thousand sheep;
     Trans-Baikal Region – 496.2 thousand sheep and an increase of more than 6%.
     The export of lamb contributes to increasing the profitability of sheep farms in all categories. At the same time, the potential of the regions of Siberia in increasing the number of sheep is huge. Pastures alone Khakassia make up 1.5 million hectares.
Minister of agriculture of the Republic and his colleagues expressed readiness to develop sheep breeding on behalf of agricultural producers.
    As a result of the event, a resolution of the conference was adopted.


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