85th Anniversary of the Institute

The Institute hosted the International scientific conference "Scientific support of innovative development of sheep and goat breeding of the Russian Federation".  Marina Selionova, Director of the Institute, Dr. Biol. Sci., and Professor of the Russian Academy of Sciences presented a report at the conference.

   Mikhail Egorov, Director General of the National Association of sheep breeders, gave a welcoming speech to the participants of the conference. He stressed the great role that the Institute played in the development of domestic sheep and goat breeding, noted the work of several generations of scientists who have been creating new sheep and goat breeds and implemented industrial technology in sheep breeding.

   Mr. Egorov wished the current generation of scientists and sheep breeders to continue the work of their outstanding mentors, be proactive and meet the challenges and demands of the market.


   Scientists from different research institutes of Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan and also heads of agricultural organizations arrived to congratulate their colleagues.


Kyshtag For A Young Family
    The second phase of the project “Kyshtag for a young family” has completed in Tuva. The participants have built their own houses and facilities for livestock, and now they’re just waiting for snow to move into the new homes.  
    Shara-Nur is near the eponymous lake, which is 230 kilometers from Kyzyl. Here a few days ago there was first winter precipitation, but the snow quickly disappeared.   
    There is almost nothing left to feed the cattle in this place. However, there is no snow yet which is the main source of fresh water in the cold season. So snow is vital on these lands.
    The well that was drilled here in the 70-ies is not enough to provide with water all the flocks. It is situated on the other side of the lake whose area is several square kilometers. The breeders from the far shore have to spend a lot of time to reach it as the local lake is salt.
    In order to help the nomads, the Republic launched the project “Kyshtag for a young family”. Kyshtag, in fact, translates from the Tuvan as the “winter hut”. 27-year-old shepherd Dorbet-ool got a new shelter for cattle and a warm home.
    "This program really supports the young shepherds. It would have been difficult for Dorbet-ool to do it on his own”, explains Ayas-ool Sakpai, Chairman of the village administration of Ak-Erik, Tes-Khem district.
   In addition, the shepherd got two hundred sheep. In two years he will have to pass them to another shepherd, but he will be able to keep all the lambs born during this time.   
   Also Dorbet-ool breeds the rare Tuvan goat breed, which is considered to be an achievement of the Russian goat breeding. According to experts, they are unpretentious in food and can easily withstand harsh climate. “They grow quickly; produce a lot of milk and wool of high quality. We use the wool for manufacturing blankets and warm clothes”, says Dorbet-ool.
Sholban Kara-ool, head of the Republic of Tuva:
   "I reported to the President of Russia about our project. Mr. Putin was interested in our project and endorsed it, because it’s focused on supporting hard-working people. It is the second year of implementation of the project and I strongly believe that we will bring to life all our plans!”
The Growth Of Livestock
    According to regional statistics of Zabaykalsky Krai as of October 1, 2017, the number of sheep and goats amounted to 548,438 or 102,3% to the level for the same period last year in Zabaykalsky Krai.
    In agricultural organizations and farms of the region the number of sheep and goats increased to 103,2% compared to the level for the same period last year.
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