Support of agribusiness
    On August, 28 the delegation of the Ministry of Agriculture and food of Dagestan, led by Kerimkhan Abasov, head of the Ministry, participated in a working meeting with first Deputy Minister of Agriculture of Russia Dzhambulat Hatuov in Moscow.

    Today Dagestan is a dynamic, successfully developing agricultural region. Kerimkhan Abasov reported that Dagestan ranks first in the country in the number of cattle, sheep and goats.

   The agro-industrial complex of the Republic includes more than 1000 agricultural organizations, more than 17,000 farms and about 485,000 personal subsidiary farms. The share of agriculture in gross regional product is about 20%. It employs up to 30% of the economically active population and there are concentrated more than 12% of the basic production assets.

   At the same time, quality of livestock is poor. The main problems are associated with low daily gain, reproduction of the herd and selection.

   One of the priority challenges facing agriculture of Dagestan, is the development of meat processing sector which has to be taken under special control.

    The increase in the number of cattle in the Republic should be going under a special program. It is necessary to pay attention to the issues of vaccination and the conditions of living for the animals. The quality of the final agricultural products – milk, meat, wool –depends directly on these factors.

    Next year, the government will provide the relevant support which is subsidizing every kilogram of wool delivered for processing. “You need to convey this information to all producers of raw wool in Dagestan, clearly stating the quality standards that apply to the animal fiber today,” said Dzhambulat Hatuov.
Fodder preparing
      According to the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Dagestan, the farms continue working on the roughage feed stocking.
According to the source, at the moment in the region 1,238,000 tons have been harvested which include 1,107,000 tons of hay, more than 27,000 tons of haylage, 103,500 tons of straw and 12,700 tons of silage.
     Farms of Kizlyar Region harvested 144,000 tons of all forage, Khasavyurt Region - more than 127,000 tons, Babayurtovskiy Region - 92,000 tons and Tarumovsky Region - 78,500 tons.
     In total, forty two municipal districts have begun preparing of fodder.
       Федеральной службой по ветеринарному и фитосанитарному надзору, 8 августа текущего года, внесены изменения в Решение о регионализации. Согласно представленной необходимой доказательной базы госветслужбой Республики Калмыкия, Россельхознадзор принял решение об изменении статуса по ящуру «на благополучный» с вакцинацией.
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