Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Food of Dagestan Magomed Shapiev held an offsite meeting to the crossing of farm animals to winter pastures and wintering of livestock in the zones of livestock breeding.
     The event was attended by Deputy Head of the Dagestan Branch "Rosselkhozcentre" Sagitali Abdurazakov, Head of the Department of Veterinary Medicine of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food of the Republic of Dagestan Sergey Popandopoulos, Head of the Department of the Rosselkhoznadzor in the Republic of Dagestan Gadzhimagomed Azaev.13sz1.JPG
     The head of the Republican Department of Rejection Livestock said that more than 1.3 million heads of sheep were transported for summer pastures. In total, according to Nabi Abdulgamidov, more than 1.3 million heads of sheep and goats, 166 thousand heads of cattle, 2.7 thousand heads of horses are kept on the lands of livestock breeding in Dagestan.
     Nabi Abdullamidov stated that the transfer was completed without loss and negative consequences.
    During the meeting, other participants of the event also touched upon various aspects of the issues discussed. In particular, issues of combating diseases of agricultural life, state support for livestock farmers and others were raised. On all the voiced questions representatives of the Ministry of Agriculture of Dagestan were given the necessary explanations.
    In sheep breeding farms of the Zabaikalye Territory the mating campaign ended. A total of 151,662 heads of sheep occurred; including 51,856 heads were artificially inseminated.
   In general, 501 bands of ewes was formed during the mating campaign, 3.1 thousand heads of rams-producers were prepared.
The first lambs of the transbaikalian sheep breeders are preparing to be accepted in early March 2020. Agricultural organizations are provided with the necessary fodder base to obtain the seed and its preservation.
The Board of Directors of the National Association of Sheep Breeders summed up the results of work for 2019 and outlined the plan of its activities for 2020. The meeting of the Council took place on the basis of Agricultural Productive Cooperative (APK) stud farm Pervomaysky of the Republic of Kalmykia, under the leadership of the member of the Board of Directors of the National Association of Sheep Breeders, Hero of Kalmykia Valeriy Boldyrev.

    At the beginning of the work Valeriy Boldyrev carried out guests on economic sections of the stud farm and social facilities of the village Adyk.

   Guests visited the pasture. In total, at the beginning of the year the stud farm contained 37.5 thousand heads of sheep of Grozny breed and 4.5 thousand heads of cattle. Also members of the Board of Directors inspected the modular slaughter, mill, bakery, shop for the production of steward and warehouse for its storage, greenhouse.

   No less interest of the gathered was caused by the objects of social development of Adyk village, including multifunctional sports platform, recreation park of Adyk village and Victory Park, where on granite slab of the monument the names of 101 Adykovets who fought in the Great Patriotic War were carved.

   Together with Valeriy Boldyrev the guests were accompanied by the Head of Administration of Adykov rural municipality B. Murgulchiev.

   After the excursion, a meeting of the Board of Directors was held under the chairmanship of the Chairman of the Board of Directors - President of the National Association of Sheep Breeders Kharon Amerkhanov. The meeting was attended by: Director General Mikhail Egorov; Valeriy Boldyrev, Aliy Chotchayev, Vladimir Anoprienko, Abdusalam Khozhkov, Igor Serdyukov, Alexander Pozdnyakov.

   In the work plan of the National Association of Sheep Breeders were included such activities as participation in the forum of the World Federation of Merino Breeders, organization and holding of the 21st Russian Specialized Exhibition of Stud Sheep and Goats in Astrakhan, XVI Siberian-Far East Exhibition of stud Sheep and Goats in Ulan-Ude, trans regional scientific and practical conference in the Republic of Tyva and other events.

   The Chairman of the Board of Directors Kharon Amerkhanov urged the members of the Board of Directors to take a more active position on strengthening and popularizing the sheep breeding industry in cooperation with the authorities, mass media and heads of agricultural organizations.

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