According to the Ministry of Agriculture and Food of the Republic of Dagestan, in recent years many peasants of Levashinsky district are actively engaged in feeding sheep on indoor maintenance of cattle.  11oc3.JPG
   According to local authorities, usually entrepreneurs buy young sheep coming down at autumn crossing from alpine meadows from farms of Charodinsky, Tlaratinsky districts, or acquire livestock in neighboring Obstetrinsky or in Levashinsky district itself. 5-7 month-old youth are sent to indoor maintenance for several months. In a short time, with proper care, animals gain weight well. Traditionally lamb of Levashinsky district goes to markets of Dagestan cities, as well as large Russian cities.
Today, demand for Dagestan lamb has also been marked in Iran and Azerbaijan, Turkey and other Muslim countries. This situation of the sheep breeding industry encourages more entrepreneurs to feed sheep.
Breeding Campaign Began In Sheep breeding Farms of Transbaikal

   In the Transbaikal region breeding campaign in sheep farming began. As of November 1 in agricultural enterprises of the region there were 19,613 thousand heads (12.8%) of sheep, including 8,167 thousand heads (5.4%) of sheep were artificially inseminated.

   It should be noted that there are about 153 thousand sheep in agricultural organizations and peasant (farm) entreprises of Transbaikalia at the beginning of the breeding campaign of 2019. When temperature drop for animals will be organized enhanced feeding.

   The breeding campaign is planned to be completed by mid-December. The transbaikal sheep farmers plan to get the first lambs at the end of February.


   In the Republic of Adygea continue the implementation of the investment project of "Mirny - Adygea" OOO on the construction of 3 commercial dairy complexes for the production and processing of goat's milk for 2 thousand heads of milking herd each.

   To date activities on the installation of the 1st and 2nd buildings, which will receive goats from the Kingdom of the Netherlands for quarantine, has been completed.




   In total, the Project includes the construction of 3 commercial diary complexes for the production and processing of goat's milk until 2020.

   The representative of the Department of Veterinary Medicine of the Republic of Adygea together with specialists of OOO "Mirny" is currently in the Kingdom of the Netherlands. They carry out quarantine measures among the selected number of goats. The total number of imported animals is 1,017 heads.

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