The Brand Of The Orenburg Region
    One of the brands not only in the Orenburg region but the Russian Federation as well is the Orenburg downy shawl which is made of wool of the Orenburg goats.
     The habitat of this unique breed is mainly the Orenburg region.
As of January 1, 2017, the number of goats in all categories of farms of the region amounted to 48,3 thousand animals, including in the agricultural organizations of 11,1 thousand animals.
     One of the Russia’s breeding farm for the breeding of goats of the Orenburg breed is SPK collective farm "Donskoy" (managed by Makhmutov Rashit Abdulbarovich). As of November 1, 2017 there were 7,2 thousand goats including 3,4 thousand does.
    The main purpose of the organization is to carry out the breeding and conservation of indigenous farm animals, endangered species and species bearing certain traits and properties, formed as a result of long evolutionary development, species that represent a source of genetic material for the creation of (elimination) of new breeds and types of farm animals and maintaining the biodiversity of the animal world.
     The difficulty in the improvement of the breed lies in the very limited area of habitat and therefore the farm "Donskoy" has a great responsibility to preserve and expand the population.
     Goat breeding industry in the region has survived largely through state support. The work on breeding and preservation of the unique Orenburg breed of goats in "Donskoy" is also supported by the partial compensation of the cost of breeding stock.
When All Is Well
    In the Republic of Udmurtia, they decided that only together they can succeed and merged into the agricultural production cooperative "Shurdymka". The cooperative not only buys goat's milk at the best price, but also develops the processing, creating a network of cheese dairies.
    The first section corresponds to European standards. Out of goat’s milk they produce branded cheese "Turyngurt" which translates from Udmurt as "herbal village". The traditional recipe of cheese has its own flavor, ensuring individual taste.
Consumers get a tasty product from trusted manufacturers. Farmers are no longer worried for the sale of goat's milk. Now members of the cooperative are making plans for the purchase of brown short-haired Czech breeding goats in the Czech Republic. Good luck to the cooperators from Udmurtia!
Increased Support
     In order to stimulate agricultural producers to the production of fine and semi-fine wool, by order of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Kalmykia, the order dated August 1, 2017 No. 152-p. was amended.
     Changes are associated with increases in the rate of subsidies from the Federal and Republican budgets for the reimbursement of expenses on production and sale of fine and semi-fine wool in 2017.
      Thus, the rate of subsidies per 1 kg of produced and sold fine and semi-fine wool is:
-from the Federal budget – 47,50 rubles;
-from the Republican budget – 2,50 rubles.
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