26 мая 2017 года Председателем Правительства Российской Федерации Д.А.Медведевым подписано распоряжение Правительства Российской Федерации № 1066-р, в соответствии с которым определен перечень субъектов Российской Федерации, освобожденных от применения мер ответственности, предусмотренных пунктами 16 и 19 Правил формирования, предоставления и распределения субсидий из федерального бюджета бюджетам субъектов Российской Федерации, утвержденных постановлением Правительства Российской Федерации от 30 сентября 2014 года № 999 «О формировании, предоставлении субсидий из федерального бюджета бюджетам субъектов Российской Федерации».

        Под мерой ответственности в рамках данного постановления Правительства Российской Федерации понимается применение штрафных санкций к субъекту Российской Федерации в виде возврата части средств полученных субсидий из федерального бюджета. Санкции применяются к субъектам, нарушившим обязательства, предусмотренные соглашениями о предоставлении государственной поддержки в отчетном году.

выставка Чита-2017
         37 племенных овцеводческих хозяйств из 6 субъектов Российской Федерации, в т.ч. 15 овцеводческих хозяйств Забайкальского края, подали заявки на участие в XIVСибирско-Дальневосточной выставке племенных овец и коз. Также здесь будут представлены породы крупного рогатого скота и лошадей, разводимые на территории региона.

         В рамках выставки 10 июня 2017 года состоятся конно-спортивные соревнования, в которых планируют принять участие конники из Иркутской области, Республики Бурятия и Забайкальского края.

Министерство сельского хозяйства Забайкальского края
26 мая 2017 года

Following the results of the Exhibition

     The Exhibition was attended by 66 stud farms from 15 regions of the Russian Federation which presented to the expert committee 397 stud sheep and goats. Nine farms demonstrated Dagestan mountain sheep breed, 8 farms – Soviet Merino, 6 farms – Karachay and Russian meat merino, 5 farms – Grozny and Edilbay, 3 farms – Manych, Stavropol, Volgograd, Astrakhan and Kalmyk breeds, 2 farms -  Caucasus and Southern meat breed. Also there were introduced: rams of Dzhalghinsky merino, North Caucasian mutton-wool breed, Lincoln, Romanov, Lezgin, meat and wool goats.

     First Deputy Minister of Agriculture of the Russian Federation D. Kh. Hatuov, Director of the Department of stud breeding of Ministry of Agriculture Kh. A. Amerkhanov , Governor of Astrakhan region A. A. Zhilkin, Director General of the National Association of sheep breeding M. V. Egorov and Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries of Astrakhan region A. N. Galkin visited the Exhibition and took a closer look to a new sheep breed, Russian meat merino.

The delegations from such regions of Russia as Astrakhan, Rostov, Volgograd, Saratov, Stavropol, Dagestan, Karachay-Cherkessia, Kalmykia, North Ossetia-Alania, and Chechnya participated in the exhibition as well.
    There were held two conferences “Russian sheep and goat breeding. Market demands, capability and potential of production and sales” and "State and prospects of development of domestic coarse-wool sheep breeding", where Mr  Egorov made a presentation, and a general meeting of the members of the National Association of sheep breeders.

    The winner of the 18th Russian exhibition of stud sheep was stud farm “the Second five-year plan" (Stavropol Region) which received I degree Diploma and a valuable gift (car "Niva").

    The winners of the 18th Russian exhibition of stud sheep were stud farms “Romashkovskiy” (Volgograd region) and Polynniy (Kalmykia) which received II degree Diplomas and valuable gifts (computers).
    The winners of the 18th Russian exhibition of stud sheep were stud farms “Vostok” (Stavropol Region), “Dzhengur” (Karachay-Cherkessia), “Vostok-2” (Dagestan) and “BagMas” (Astrakhan Region) which received III degree Diplomas and valuable gifts (laptops).
    The farm named “Lebed’” (“Swan”, Astrakhan Region) received the prize of the Governor of Astrakhan region and a money certificate for the introduction of innovative technologies in sheep breeding.
     Twenty six managers, specialists and sheep breeders received gratitude letters from the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation for their conscientious work in the agricultural sector and a large contribution to the development of sheep breeding.
     National Association of sheep breeders awarded M. A. Mugaev, the Chairman of stud farm "Lenin's Way" (Ivanovo Region) with the prize named after Tengiz Japaridze, the Honoured worker of agriculture of Russia, for conscientious work, professional skills, achievement of high indicators in sheep breeding industry.

     The Exhibition Committee decided on awarding 31 senior shepherds with Honorary Diplomas and valuable gifts for breeding and preparing animals for the exhibition.
     A sheep shearer is a very important and indispensable profession in sheep breeding. Specialists and shepherds from Astrakhan, Stavropol, Volgograd and Kalmykia agricultural organizations came to show their skills in speed and quality of shearing. Sponsors of the show were "QUEST-A" and "NITA-FARM" who gave gifts to the best shearers.
   The Russian Exhibition of stud sheep is a place where different peoples of the North Caucasus, southern Russia and Volga Region traditionally share their culture. On May, 20 the national farmsteads welcomed numerous guests, and Caucasian dances were followed by the Cossack songs.
     Also horse racing and camel racing were held at the hippodrome which attracted hundreds of fans. At the end of this event, there was also held an awarding.
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