Wool is increasing in value
The Ministry of agriculture of the Republic of Kalmykia reports.

In the first decade of June in the large sheep-breeding farms of the Republic which grow the fine-wool sheep breeds, the shearing campaign will begin. Now the sheep farmers care about the issues of sales, the price of wool. This was discussed at a recent meeting at the Ministry of agriculture of the Russian Federation on the issues of import substitution in agriculture and light industry development. 
The meeting was attended by the heads of the Ministry of agriculture of Russia, representatives of industry departments, Ministry of industry and trade, unions and associations that interact with the agricultural industry, the processing industry, agribusiness management bodies of six regions of the country (Volgograd, Tver, Saratov regions, Stavropol Krai and the Republic of Kalmykia) as well as scientists. 
As for our Republic, it was said that processing industry is in needs of raw materials of domestic producers. Today wool is in demand. Representatives of major organisations announced that they offer 180 rubles for 1 kg of wool. 

As noted by both producers and processors, subsidies for the production and sale of fine and semi-fine wool have become significant support. This is a new kind of state support within the state program of development of agriculture, provided for the first time in 2015, which will increase the production of such wool from 10 500 tons in 2015 to 13 400 tons in 2020. 

This support measure has had a positive impact on the dynamics of wool production. In the South of Russia, Karachay-Cherkess Republic, a large modern processing plant "Quest-A" KCR operates which meets all modern requirements. It was also noted that in the domestic market there is still a significant proportion of export of wool. 

At the meeting the construction of laboratories for the analysis of wool quality which meet international standards was discussed. They will allow to estimate the raw material in many respects, to issue appropriate certification, as a result, its price will be much higher. Today in the country there is no such certified laboratory. The possibility of their construction was considered in the South, and Zabaykalsky Krai, that is, in the near future at least two laboratories must work. This will contribute to broader promotion of Russian wool in both domestic and international markets.

По данным МСХ Ставропольского края

        По оперативным данным Минсельхоза Ставропольского края, на 5 мая 2016 года в сельскохозяйственных организациях появилось на свет 209,8 тыс. ягнят от 204,3 тыс. овец (в племенных организациях 94,73 тыс. ягнят от 90,08 тыс. овец – выход 105, 2 головы от одной овцы). Это на 70% больше уровня прошлого года.

(Информация МСХ СК) 

на палласовской земле
   3-5 мая 2016 года начальники отделов маркетинга и науки, технологической политики и селекции Национального союза овцеводов кандидат с.-х. наук В.Н. Сердюков и доктор с.-х. наук А.И. Суров посетили с рабочей поездкой Волгоградскую область. Целью поездки было посещение 4 овцеводческих хозяйств Палласовского района (СПК ПЗ «Ромашковский», СПК ПЗ «Палласовский», СПК ПЗ «Красный Октябрь» и ООО «Нива»), осмотр имеющегося поголовья, ознакомление с ходом ягнения и подготовкой выставочных животных к 18 Российской выставке племенных овец и коз, которая состоится в г. Элиста в период с 23 по 27 мая 2016 года.
   В состав делегации от Волгоградской области входили А.Н. Игнатченко председатель комитета по сельскому хозяйству и продовольствию и Н.А. Дорошенко консультант комитета по сельскому хозяйству и продовольствию Администрации Палласовского муниципального района, руководители и специалисты хозяйств.

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