Two pieces of good news for farmers of Tyva

   In Moscow on December 2, there was held a meeting of the Minister of Agriculture of the Russian Federation, Alexander Tkachev,  and the head of the Republic of Tyva, Sholban Kara-oul. The sides discussed the development of animal breeding in the Republic, availability of coarse and succulent fodder, the state support of the industry, and also paid special attention to support of small farms and development of rural areas. 

During the meeting, Sholban Kara-oul said that farming is the leading direction of development of agriculture in the region. Alexander Tkachev supported the development of the industry in the Republic and noted the positive dynamics and timely pace of the state support funding to agricultural producers. 



The State Register

Dear colleagues!
The State Register of selective breeding results has been supplemented by a new sheep breed - the Russian Meat Merino. 
We congratulate the team of authors that includes experts of the National Association of Sheep Breeders, scientists of All-Russian Research Institute of Sheep and Goat Breeding, managers, specialists and breeders of Stavropol stud farms such as “Vtoraya Pyatiletka”, “Manych”, “Rodina”, “Russia”, “Put’ Lenina” and stud farm named after Lenin for longstanding and fruitful work. 
The interest of producers from different regions of Russia, which is shown to the new breed, and the demand for livestock say a lot about the relevance and good timing of the new breed in the domestic fine-wool sheep breeding. 
Colleagues, we wish you success in further work such as scientific, managerial, economic, and especially in selection, as it is known, there is no limit to perfection!

Wintering of cattle is one of the most critical and challenging periods for the Transbaikal cattle breeders which still goes on. This year 554,5 thousand heads of cattle must be ensured with sufficient food supply and warm stables which is amounted to 96% compared to last year. There are 790 sites for wintering in the agricultural organizations of Transbaikal Region. 
To date, it has already been prepared:
261,000 tons of hay or 88%;
2,900 (47%) and 11,800 (60%) tons of haylage and silage;
25,000 tons (47%) of straw;
16,700 tons (42%) of forage.
Agricultural organizations from four municipal districts have prepared more then 20 centners of feed units per conventional head: Nerchinsk, Nerchinsko-Zavodsky, Sretensky and Chernyshevsky. It’s worth mentioning that some areas had made all efforts to harvesting forage outside their districts in challenging periods of drought and heavy rains, including Aghinsky, Mogoytuysky, Ononsky, Priargunsky, Petrovsk-Zabaikalsky, Dul'durginsky areas. 
The Ministry of Agriculture and Food of Transbaikal Region.

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