The forum of the World Federation of Merino Breeders in Adelaide, Australia from the 3rd to 9th of S
   The delegation of the National Association of Sheep Breeders took part in the World Merino Insight of the World Federation in Australia. The heads of stud farms of the Republics of Kalmykia, Dagestan, Khakassia, Transbaikal, Stavropol and Altai Regions, scientific and educational institutions of the country took part in the forum. The delegation was headed by the Director General of the National Association, Vice-President of the World Federation Egorov M. V. 
    In Murray Bridge the delegation attended the Industry Innovation Day; they saw gorgeous modern and advanced animal stud plants of New South Wales and South Australia, such as Collinsville, Nord and Old Ash Rose, Wanganella, Roseville Park and others. Also, there were presented instruments and equipment, veterinary medicines used in the industry. In the end they attended SA Ram Sale. 
    The delegates had the opportunity to visit the largest in Australia modern high-tech processing plant that recycles (2 shifts) 11,000 sheep stock and 1,200 cattle per day. This plant employs 1,400 people. The company's products are shipped to 25 countries.
   The conference was attended by representatives of all continents. The speakers highlighted the problems that occur in sheep breeding industry and their vision for the further direction in improving the quality of manufactured wool and lamb, breeding and productive qualities of merino sheep. The Director of All-Russian Research Institute of Sheep and Goat Breeding Selionova M. I. made a report at the conference as well.  All the speakers noted problems with the staff in the industry. Many farmers leave the industry as it becomes unattractive for young people.
     By request of the Russian representatives, the experts showed the assessment of sheep by the example of the winners from the stud farms of Nord Ash Rose and Old Ash Rose. Sheep from the stud farm of Nord Ash Rose, owner Tom Ashby (Poll Merino), and merino (horned) from the stud farm Old Ash Rose, owner Robert Ashby, were chosen as champions of the exhibition.
    The delegates also visited SA Ram Sale. The highest price was given for the ram from the plant Moorundie South – 40,000 dollars. It was given 34,000 dollars for the second ram from the same plant and 33,000 dollars for the ram from the Collinsville stud farm. It should be noted that all these sheep are poll merinos. The sale was conducted by representatives of Elders and Landmark.
     During the World Merino Insight the Director General of the National Association of sheep breeders of Russia, Vice-President of the World Federation Egorov Mikhail Vasilievich took part in the General meeting of the Federation. President Tom Ashby and Executive Director General Carol-Ann Malouf made their reports at the meeting. At the meeting Uruguay was elected to host the tenth World Conference in 2018. 

реализация поголовья

СПК  Колхоз-племзавод им. Ленина Арзгирского района Ставропольского края предлагает к реализации поголовье овец породы советский меринос.


Цена 150 рублей за килограмм живого веса.

 Кроме того хозяйство реализует:


Цена 180 рублей за килограмм живого веса.

 3. КОРОВ КАЛМЫЦКОЙ ПОРОДЫ- 300 ГОЛОВ.   Цена 110 рублей за килограмм живого веса. 

 ТЕЛЕФОНЫ ДЛЯ СВЯЗИ: 8-962-452-31-06 ( Анатолий Иванович); 8-962-445-18-33 (Антонина Ивановна); 

8-962-445-18-65 (Александр Иванович). 

реализовано более половины объемов шерсти
     По состоянию на 19 августа 2016 года сельскохозяйственными организациями Забайкальского края реализовано 303 тонны, или 67,5% произведенной шерсти.
      Как отмечают специалисты, в текущем году основной объем  реализации шерсти приходится на Черногорскую фабрику и агинское предприятие «Руно»,  соответственно 45% и 39%.При этом марочная продукция овцеводов становится все более востребованной. «Если в 2010 году цена одного килограмма шерсти высших сортов не превышала 40 рублей, то нынче стоимость тонкорунной шерсти высших сортов достигает 150 рублей за килограмм», - рассказала начальник отдела животноводства Альбина Баранова.
      Всего же в этом году в сельхозпредприятиях и фермерских хозяйствах произведено 658,4 тонны шерсти.
Министерство сельского  хозяйства и продовольствия
Забайкальского края 
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