In Tuva the transfer of 200 ewes to the participants of the project "Kyshtag for a young family"
In Tuva the transfer of 200 ewes to the participants of the project "Kyshtag for a young family" has began
In Tuva there has began an important phase of the implementation of the Governor's project "Kyshtag for a young family" - the handing of small cattle to 105 participants of the project. Everyone gets 200 breeding ewes, which are purchased from the cattle breeders of the Republic. The Prime Minister Sholban Kara-ool visited Tandinskiy district on Thursday. Here took place the solemn ceremony of handing the sheep to a young married couple, Aydin and Chodura Mongush. They are the glorious heirs of a dynasty of breeders. The countrymen call them responsible and hardworking people. The family has two small children who willingly help with the household.  
"If we began this work by ourselves, it would take years to complete. But now with such powerful support, all we have to do is to work on the development of our household," - said Aydin Mongush. 
In total there are involved 8 young families from 8 municipalities of the Tanda. In accordance with the roadmap for the implementation of the project in Tandinskiy district there had been fully implemented all activities: registration of land plots for construction of houses and outbuildings, the pasture; preparing and delivery of wood; construction of a shed; receipt of state support within the program "Beginning farmers" in the total amount of 5400,0 thousand rubles; loan in total 5600,0 thousand rubles in OAO "Narodny Bank" for the purchase of small cattle; the repayment of 50% of the main debt of the loan in total amount of 2800,0 thousand rubles.
To date, the Republic has concluded 105 agreements for supply of sheep. The Commission for the selection and tagging of ewes has been created in the districts. All in all there will be 21 000 heads of cattle. Fifty seven vendors have been identified, all from the Republic of Tuva. 
The Presidential Administration of the Republic, Ministry of communications, Ministry of youth and sports, Finance Ministry, Economy Ministry, Justice Ministry, Ministry of agriculture, Ministry of culture, Ministry of health, Service of veterinary surveillance, Service for protection of monuments, the Chamber of accounts, etc have been mentoring the participants of the project. The employees of the budgetary institutions of the municipalities have helped as well. About 700 people were involved in the construction works. The total number of young people under 35 years of age, participating in the construction of Parking lots was 335 people, including the unemployed - 274.
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Board in the Ministry of agriculture in the Republic of Kalmykia

On June 24, there was held an enlarged meeting of the Board of the Ministry of agriculture in the Republic of Kalmykia. The agenda was:
-the results of spring field work in 2016, the process of forage and preparation of harvesting;
-the preliminary results of lambing period campaign and process of sheep shearing in the agricultural enterprises of the Republic.
Deputy Minister, Head of Department Antonov S. G.  made a report on the first issue.
This year spring crops were planted on the territory of 81 thousand ha, including:
* spring crops – 43, 6 thousand ha;
* oilseeds – 12,0 thousand ha;
* potatoes and bombaceae – 1,57 thousand ha;
* forage crops – 23, 5 thousand ha.      
Head of Cattle Breeding and Stud work Department of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic Lidzhieva K. C. made a report on the second issue.
According to operational data, in general the agricultural enterprises of the Republic have received: 
*23749 calves; calf crop has made up 78% per 100 cows and bred heifer;
* 268, 8 thousand ewes, as well as 256425 calves or 98 per 100 ewes.
In horse breeding:
*2, 1 thousand foals; foal crop has made up 59 foals per 100 mares.
In sheep breeding:
*280, 1 thousand sheep have been sheared (78%);
*922 tons of wool clip.
Heads of departments of agribusiness development and heads of households also took part in the discussion of the agenda at the meeting. In conclusion, Director General of OAO “50 years of October” Tsybulin V. V. was awarded with the jubilee medal “For merit in Land Reclamation”. 

Produce And Process
     On June 15, first Deputy Minister of agriculture of the Russian Federation Dzhambulat Hatuov held a working meeting to discuss the production and processing of wool.

   Dzhambulat Hatuov reminded that measures to promote the production of fine and semi-fine wool were added in the state program. It is noted that in 2016 in support of this direction, funds in the amount of 150 million rubles will be provided. So, by 2020 it is planned to increase the production of fine and semi-fine wool to 13.4 thousand tons (in 2015 to 10.5 thousand tons).

   "We face a global challenge in envisioning the future development of the industry. However, we must consider the needs of all parties involved, including the interests of government, industry, investors, processors of wool and manufacturers of sheep," - said the first Deputy Minister.
   The key-note speech was made by Director of Cattle Breeding and Stud work Department of Ministry of agriculture Kharon Amerkhanov. He reported that in 2015, thanks to the state support the number of sheep in all categories of farms increased to 22.7 million while the major number of sheep falls on households - 43.7 per cent. Wool production for the last year amounted to of 55.64 thousand tons, which is 1.4% less than in 2014.

     During the meeting participants discussed a number of topical issues. So, currently in Russia, which is among the ten largest world exporters of wool, there is no modern laboratory, accredited according to the international system, Interwoollabs (IWTO). In this regard, the office decided on the establishment of laboratories for testing and certifying the quality of the wool that will provide the textile industry with quality raw materials, will promote mutually beneficial collaboration between the farmers and processing enterprises, increase export capacity of the country.

     "I think we need to draw up a general balance of wool in the country. We need to understand what is its volume needed for the domestic needs of the population, how much wool Russia is willing to export, what quantity of raw materials produced by agricultural enterprises and by private households," - said the first Deputy Minister.

    Following the results of the meeting, Dzhambulat Hatuov offered to prepare the concept of development of production and processing of wool for the next ten years with the involvement of all stakeholders. To do this, the relevant departments are instructed to conduct a full analysis of internal and external markets of wool, to consider the experience of foreign countries in this area, involve Russian experts for advice, as well as to be held in the near future another meeting with the Ministry of industry and trade to work out the details of the concept.
     The meeting was attended by representatives of the departments of the Ministry of agriculture, processing enterprises and the National Union of farmers.

Source: Press service of the Ministry of agriculture, 
Cattle Breeding and Stud work Department 

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