Ministry of Agriculture of Zabaikalye Territory
    One of the most important agricultural campaigns – wintering of the cattle – began two months ago. This year 527 800 heads of animals (except pigs and birds) from all the categories of farms are the part of this program. It is up 98.3% on last year level. 

    According to the previous data over 250 tones of forage, 15000 tones of  silage and about 2000 tones of haylage were prepared in agricultural farms to the wintering period. This year 10,5 centner of fodder units per head are prepared. All the issues of wintering process  are on the special control of the Ministry of Agriculture. According to the specialists  two wintering months were rather good for the animals. But it’s only the beginning of the season.Как отмечают специалисты, два месяца зимовки прошли в штатном режиме, но это только начало. 
As the head of cattle breeding Department, Albina Baranova said, that mortality of cattle was within zootechnic norms during this period. The main cause are the wolves.

в республике калмыкия

   В Доме Правительства Республики Калмыкия состоялось межрегиональное совещание на тему «О проведении фитомелиоративных мероприятий, направленных на закрепление песков Черных земель и Кизлярских пастбищ, расположенных на территории регионов Южного и Северо-Кавказского федеральных округов».

   В совещании приняли участие врио Главы Республики Калмыкия Игорь Зотов, директор Департамента мелиорации Минсельхоза России Даниил Путятин, первый вице-премьер РК Петр Ланцанов, министр сельского хозяйства РК Баатр Болаев, представители заинтересованных министерств и ведомств, главы районных муниципальных образований, руководители сельхозпредприятий из Республик Дагестан, Калмыкия, Астраханской области и других регионов. 

Sheep pox
   Sheep and cattle in the North-Caucasus Federal district are under the threat of epidemic. There were registered 5 outbreaks of sheep pox. The sick spread to the neighboring territories of the Republic of Kalmykia during two months. According to the vets the sources of infection were the pastures and animals from Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan. 
   Blanket vaccination of sheep on which 10 million doses of a vaccine will be required is necessary for localization of sheep pox in Dagestan. Till the end of the year the Republic can get only 4 million of doses. So this situation is a serious danger for the livestock of sheep and goats from the neighboring republics and regions of the North Caucasus and South Federal districts. 
    Together with pox there appeared another disease, unknown for some veterinarian services, for example of the Stavropol territory, - nodular dermatitis of cattle. The regions of its distribution are India, Iran, Pakistan and Turkey. 
   The veterinarians of the Stavropol territory are sure that it’s necessary to control the process of the diseases distribution in the region. 

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