These days the exhibition "Agrofarm-2019" is being held in Moscow at VDNH.
   An important part of the exhibition traditionally was the exposition of animals, where different breeds of cattle of dairy and meat breeds, sheep, goats, Alpaca, as well as rabbits and poultry are presented. Guests of the event have seen such breeds of goats the Anglo-Nubian, zaanenskaya and Kalahari red; sheep and sheep breeds Texel, Suffolk, Zwartsbless, East Frisian, and many others.
The specialized thematic platform "Farmer's School" will continue its work at "Agrofarm-2019", where everyone who is interested in business activities in the field of livestock and poultry, will be able to learn a lot of important and useful information about how to organize your business from scratch. Owners of large domestic farms will share their experience, and representatives of the financial sector will hold consultations on attracting investment, lending and consulting.