In the Netherlands is Milk production Growing
    In the Netherlands the main volume of goat milk is aimed at export.
   Gert van der Hayden, chief veterinarian of the group of companies "Hunland", reported this at the international practical conference "Professional dairy goat breeding".
    During the last 10 years, the increase in the production of goat milk in the Netherlands is insignificant. The market share of the Netherlands in Europe in 2000 was 3.5%, in 2016 rose to 12.9%, in 2018 amounted to almost 20%. The average annual growth last year was 27%.
The expert also noted that most of the goat's milk goes to the production of cheese.
      According to the expert, in 2018 the number of goat commercial dairy farms was 380. The number of dairy cattle numbered 400 thousand goats, which gave 450 thousand tons of milk. The average yield is 1168 liters of milk per head.