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    To date, the main task for livestock breeders in the Stavropol Territory is to properly conduct the wintering of livestock, while maintaining qualitative and quantitative indicators.
   "Of course, there are difficulties, but the food supply is used effectively. The rations have been adjusted in order to prevent overspending in the conditions of a shortage of feed, to preserve the livestock and get products," said Alexey Krisan, Deputy Minister of Agriculture of the Stavropol Territory.
   In general, in the region, 135 agricultural enterprises and 1,5 thousand farms entered the wintering of livestock. And this is 301 thousand heads of cattle and 1,5 million heads of sheep and goats. For additional purchase of feed in the regional Ministry of Agriculture, a register of potential suppliers has been prepared and applications from livestock breeders about the need for feed are being processed.
   Wintering of livestock in the Stavropol Territory in 2020-2021 takes place in difficult conditions. At its beginning, it was possible to prepare 87% of the feed from the need. Some farmers of the region began to buy some of the coarse feed from the very beginning of wintering, in addition to prepare concentrated feed. Since the beginning of 2021, livestock breeders have been supported by the state. To reduce the cost of feed, the Ministry of Agriculture of Russia has expanded the list of areas for the targeted use of concessional short-term loans.
   In addition, to support livestock production annually subsidies: in 2021 for the reimbursement of expenses for the production of wool obtained from fine and semi-fine sheep breeds – 100 million rubles for the reimbursement of expenses on the production of sheep and goats for slaughter (in live weight) – 18 million rubles on support of its own milk production – 149 million rubles, for the reimbursement of expenses to support livestock breeding – 172, 5 million rubles, for the reimbursement of expenses for the purchase of pedigree cattle – 244,7 million rubles.
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