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Science in sheep breeding

The main directions of scientific, technological and selection activities
of the National Sheepmen Association

Production and processing of sheep products and specifically wool is the constant undividable complex of processes and activities starting from the production of raw materials (wool, meat) in agricultural companies dealing with sheep breeding and to the final product ready for usage and consumption. Possible mistakes in any production stage may lead to technological mistakes and finally economic losses. All parts of this process, i.e. growing, preparation for sale, sale, initial processing and production of the ready product should maximum satisfy market needs. The chief factor of the field development at present time is consolidation and following coordination of joint efforts of all spheres of sheep breeding aimed at increasing and improving quality of products.      
Strategic directions of increasing volumes, improving quality and economic effectiveness of sheep products production in agricultural companies of all forms of ownership on the modern stage of national sheep breeding development are:
- updating of legislative and normative legal basis regulating requirements to the quality of all sheep products, ways and methods of its control on all stages of production and preparation to sale as well as information, staff, material technical and financial provision of all directions of the field;
- provision of scientific maintenance of the field, revival of preparation and retraining of specialists of the field starting from shepherds and wool classifiers up to geneticists, selectionists and engineers processors;
- development and implementation of the complex of organizational measures on forming of infrastructure of wool and lamb wholesale market in the country;
- establishment of network of selection and wool laboratories provided certification of all sheep products according to requirements of world market;
- creation of new direction of Merina sheep breeding – meat Merina with wool 18-19 mkm and early maturation;
- saving and upgrading of pedigree animals of all directions of productivity providing agricultural companies of all types of ownership with pedigree young animals.
For solving prospective issues of wool production it is necessary to:
- upgrade wool classification techniques taking into account genetic, breed, selection and other peculiarities of produced wool;
- upgrade rune classification;
- determine the main physical mechanical and technological wool properties;
- certify wool batches;
- form unified large wool batches;
- establish network of wool laboratories with modern equipment;
- have service of methodical and metrological control providing correct work of all laboratories.

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