Ministry of agriculture of the Republic of Kalmykia
At the beginning of November the insemination campaign began in the farms of the Republic of Kalmykia. More than 241 thousand heads of ewes re planned to be inseminated.
In the leading stud farms of the Republic the plans of mating and inseminating of the ewes (depending on the period of lambing) are prepared. The specialists also arranged the points for artificial insemination of the sheep. In order to have high results all the rams get complete feed.
According to the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Kalmykia.

    По данным инспекторского отдела племенного животноводства Забайкальского края для реализации в организациях по племенному животноводству края имеется 1 424 головы крупного рогатого скота, 840 овец и 191 голова лошадей.
    Около восьмисот голов телочек и около шестисот бычков  герефордской, казахской белоголовой, калмыцкой, абердин-ангусской и галловейской пород готовы реализовать 8 хозяйств края. Четыре предприятия готовы реализовать более восьмисот овец забайкальской тонкорунной породы. Лошадей забайкальской и владимирской породы предлагают ГУ «Читинская государственная заводская конюшня  с ипподромом», ООО «Урульгинское» и ООО КФХ «Русь». 
   Всю информацию о продаже племенного молодняка можно найти на ЯрмаркаОнлайн или уточнить в инспекторском отделе племенного животноводства Минсельхоза Забайкальского края по тел: 8 (3022)36-49-03.

По данным Министерства сельского хозяйства
и продовольствия Забайкальского края
Sheep came to the mountains
According to the Agricultural Ministry of the Republic of Dagestan the movement of sheep from summer pastures to the winter ones began in the region.  Now more than 190 thousand sheep and goats have been carried to the lowlands. As usually the animals are moved by transport and on foot. To the end of October about 23 300 heads of Dagestan mountain breed of sheep have been moved by transport. 

The best results have the following districts: in Gunibsky district they moved 41 thousand animals,  Botlikhsky district – about 32 thousand sheep, Levashinsky district – 20 thousand animals, Khunsakhsky district – 16 210 heads of sheep and goats. 

It’s planned to move on the winter pastures about 1, 5 million heads of small cattle. Altogether to the beginning of the year there were about 5 million heads of sheep  and 53 thousand heads of goats in the republic. The part of this flick moves from the winter pastures to the summer ones and return twice a year. Before the beginning of the movement the veterinarians explores the flock. The farmers have prepared necessary amount of forage yet.

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