Solar Power Plants
   The government of the Republic of Tyva annually provides 50 members of the Governor's project "Kushtah for a young family" with an alternative power supply sources. Самым старательным животноводам-кыштаговцам вручили солнечные электростанции
   The most diligent breeders get solar power plants.
    In 2020, funds from the Republican budget in the amount of 3.5 million rubles were allocated for 50 successful participants of the 2018 Governor's project to provide alternative sources of electricity. All 50 participants signed contracts with Innovative Technologies, LLC.
   As reported, the cost of one set of solar power plants is 77,778 rubles, of which 70,000 rubles are subsidized from the Republican budget, and 7,778 rubles (10 %) - the participant's own funds.