Vitaly Kulinich knows almost everything about goat breeding, in particular about raising goats of the Zaanen breed. And so it is confidently expanding production. In the near future, the head of the peasant (farmer) farm is preparing to open a farm for 150 heads of breeding goats, of which 50 have already been purchased and give milk.PHOTO-2021-01-19-09-36-05-5.jpg
    But Vitaly Kulinich began his farming history much earlier – in 2000, in LLC "KH "Rus-1", where he studied goat breeding under his father, the founder of the enterprise. Then the farm only produced milk. Much later, in 2012, Vitaly Alexandrovich organized a separate KH and within the framework of the target program "Support for novice farmers in the Stavropol Territory" received a grant in the amount of 1 million 250 thousand rubles. With this money, the farmer purchased a cheese production line, a thermal van, a milk storage machine and equipment for packing cheese.
   In 2018, Vitaly Kulinich became the winner in the competitive selection for the grant for the second time. The amount of 9 million rubles was allocated as an addition to Kulinich's personal funds, which, according to the business plan, were used for the construction of premises for keeping goats, modernization of the milk processing plant and the purchase of breeding animals in the amount of 50 heads.
   In 2020, 397 tons of goat's milk were processed. From pasteurized goat's milk get whole milk, fermented milk, yoghurt, cheese and from the whey that remains after making other cheeses, cooked curd cheese "Ricotta". Of course, the cost of such cheese is high, but Vitaly Kulinich is currently looking for ways to increase production and make products from goat's milk more accessible to the population.
   According to the Deputy Minister of Agriculture of the Stavropol Territory Alexey Krisan, there are about 30 thousand goats in all categories of farms in the region, including 2.3 thousand heads in the agricultural complex. Agricultural organizations produced 1,246 tons of goat's milk in 2020, and subsidies were paid to reimburse part of the costs of supporting their own milk production. Compensation was provided to LLC "KH "Rus-1" in the amount of 243.6 thousand rubles, LLC "Goat Dairy Complex "Nadezhdensky" in the amount of 1,14 million rubles.